Can I become a Flight Volunteer?

The founder of Aruba Flight Volunteers, Marie Geerman, coordinates the logistics of transporting a puppy from Aruba to the US. There is NO cost to become an Aruba Flight Volunteer. If you are departing Aruba for a destination in the US, Aruba Flight Volunteers purchases the puppy’s plane ticket (yes, the puppy requires a ticket to travel). New Life For Paws arranges and provides all the necessary travel documents, including a valid health certificate from a certified veterinary clinic in Aruba, proof of microchipping, vaccination certificate, etc. Please fill out an online application if you are interested in being a Flight Volunteer. Please have your date of travel, airline and flight number available to accurately complete the the Flight Volunteer online application as well as how many traveling in your party can chaperone. Chaperones are limited to one puppy per traveler. Marie has prepared a podcast that can provide much more detailed information about our Aruba Flight Volunteer program. We strongly recommend listening and contacting Marie with any additional questions that you may have.