I am a Flight Volunteer, what do I need to do?

You have been confirmed to chaperone a Rescued Paw and the day of your flight back to the US has arrived.Please arrive at the airport three (3) hours before your scheduled departure time. A New Life For Paws team member, frequently Natalya, will meet you at the outside the airport with a puppy in a soft sided carry/travel case. Please note, the puppy does not count as a separate carry-on.The New Life For Paws team member will have the puppy’s health certificate, health records and plane ticket. The team member will check the puppy in with the airline and accompany you and the puppy to security for departures. With your permissions, the team member will request to take a photo of you with the Rescued Paws you are chaperoning to share.At security, the puppy cannot go through the x-ray machine but the soft-sided bag must. You will need to take the puppy through the scanner with you and place the puppy back in the bag you retrieve off the conveyor.After security, you will approach the kiosk for customs. Please answer “YES” when responding to the question that you are traveling with pets. When you approach the customs official, you will need to present the paperwork provided to you by the New Life for Paws team member. Customs will scan the puppy for the microchip and inquire about the destination for the puppy, whether it is being fostered or adopted upon arrival in the US. The team member will inform you so you can appropriately answer.While waiting for your flight to board, you can take the puppy out of its carry bag, but PLEASE do not put it on the floor. If you do not want to hold the puppy, you can leave him(her) in the carry bag. Other passengers will ask to pet or hold the puppy and will ask you about him(her). You will be provided business cards to hand out that helps Aruba Flight Volunteers find others interested in chaperoning on their next trip to Aruba, fostering or adopting.The puppy will board the plane and sit in the cabin with you. Please place the puppy in its carry bag under the seat in front of you. Each flight attendant is different and some may allow you to take the puppy out of its carrier to hold or require you to keep the puppy in the carry bag. Please be considerate of the flight attendant’s response. Our team member will be at the gate waving goodbye to another of our Rescued Paws on the next leg of their trip and the start of their new adventure on their journey as a new life begins.Typically the roar of the engine will lull your puppy to sleep and they will sleep the entire flight.